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The restaurant of the hotel Alpujarra Finca Los Llanos is specialized in traditional cuisine called "Alpujarrena and "serrana".
The well known local air cured ham, cured and stored above 1000 m, aubergines with sugar cane honey, alpujarreno meats, pork loin in olive oil and home made desserts.
Clients can choose between dining room, barbeque terrace or private dining, all served by highly trained, attentive staff.
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hoteles alpujarra
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Alpujarrenean cuisine has been strongly influenced by the diversity of cultures that have left their mark in this region.

During the islamic reign the mixture of cultures produced many new dishes and recipes, wich went on to mix with the taste ans recipes of the gallegos and navarros that repopulated this area after the Moors were expelled.
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