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I had not been there a day before the old impression of height and stillness, of helds of air strtching before me, and channels of water running behind came overme again...

Standing then on the flat roof one saw the earth falling awaysheer on every side, as though one stood on the prow of a ship that was sailing off across a petrified ocean "
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Gerald Brenan
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The hotel Finca Los Llanos Alpujarra was established in 1990, since then it has built up an excellent reputation for its personalized customer service.

Situated in the heart of the Alpujarra, next Capileira at the base of Sierra Nevada, in an area declared by Unesco "Biosphere Reserve", Natural Park and eventually in 1999, National Park.

The hotel Los Llanos is rapidly becoming one of the Alpujarra's most popular Hotels for visitors wishing to relax and enjoy the region's natural beauty and tranquillity.
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